Provide school uniforms
to pupils who cannot afford it..


We are thankful for kindness of our 121 volunteers.


10.5m children need your help

According to the report from UNICEF, in Nigeria over 10.5m children are not in school even though primary education is officially free and compulsory. The education system in Nigeria has so many challenges, above all we lack the maintenance of educational standard, and maintenance is very important. I hope that our government can treat this as urgent.

Our Project Goals.


Improve The Education System

In a nut shell, we set to improve the education system right from the foundation within students in the state by providing uniforms (basic clothing);


Distribute Happiness

To put smiles on faces of young children in the society because at BTC AND BTF we believe looking good equates feeling good;


Empower Nigerians

To provide jobs and empowerment for low-level tailors who will be involved in the production of the uniforms;

About Bankole Thomas Foundation

The Bankole Thomas Foundation is an offshoot of the Bankole Thomas Clothiers and the mission is to provide basic clothing for children who attend government owned primary schools in Africa but we started with Lagos Nigeria, as we all know ‘charity begins at home’. The inspiration behind the creation of BTF is because being the Creative Director of the Bankole Thomas Clothiers I grew up in a very challenging environment; My primary school uniforms was nothing to speak home about, it wasn’t up to standard, it dampened my self-esteem, I was not looking acceptable and it affected my educational performance. During my stay in primary school, I was promoted twice on trial simply because I couldn’t concentrate on my studies. You will be surprised that things like this affects young children. For me it is a childhood memory that I can’t forget. When I got to the university my self-esteem got better, I did well and graduated as a Chartered Accountant at the Lagos state University (LASU). Seeing primary school students in uniforms that are tattered hurts me so much because I can relate to the situation, I have been there and I know how they feel. It gladdens my heart to know that I can do something about it, this led to the creation of The Bankole Thomas Foundation and we are on a mission to put smiles on the faces of children by providing them with school uniforms.
In the next two years I see BTF (Bankole Thomas Foundation) has an NGO that would have provided over 35,000 school uniforms to primary children that cannot afford it, an organization whose board directors will reflect integrity, supported by an efficient group of volunteers, an NGO that will partner with the government of Nigeria to solve the basic and standard educational problems that exist in our country. Afterwards, we take it global.

Thank you for your kindness dear volunteers